Revolutionizing spill cleanup

Palmetto Power Dry™ is revolutionizing the cleanup of all types of spills. Soon to be patented, Power Dry is unlike any product you have ever tried. You should use Palmetto Power Dry™ because:

  • It works faster. Power Dry will save you critical time in cleanup and quickly make conditions safe and clean again.
  • It is more efficient. Smaller amounts of Power Dry are required to clean up spills than other products on the market.
  • It is packaged in a heavy-duty poly bag that stands up to the toughest conditions. And its small size makes it great for storing.
  • It is lighter. Power Dry is easier to handle and its lighter weight than other products on the market will save you money on shipping.
  • It is all-natural. Power Dry is non-toxic and won't harm the environment.

Power Dry is a terrific, extremely cost-effective product. Spills are a fact of life in a busy kitchen, and getting them cleaned up quickly and efficiently is a must. Power Dry does the job better than anything we've ever used before. If you operate a restaurant, it should become your go-to product.

Wade Lindsey , Owner - Wade's Restaurant

I am a true skeptic on everything. My way is, if I can’t try it first, I don’t buy it. I found myself in a situation with a large amount of engine oil in a 10 foot by 20 foot area of the roadway, and regular clay absorbents were just not cutting it. After the removal of the clay product that was used prior to our arrival, we broke open two bags of the lightweight Power Dry. Keep in mind that the state Highway Patrol is on our backs about getting the road open quickly but making it safe to travel on, as well. After dusting and brooming in the Power Dry very quickly, we swept up the residual and the roadway was dry to the touch and ready for traffic. Everyone left happy and impressed. After seeing it work so well, I have since ordered a pallet of Power Dry, and we have put it on our spill trailers and trucks. I look forward to seeing how it will make life a little easier on the next spill.

Dwayne Womble , Emergency Response Manager - W.E.L. Inc.

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Palmetto Power Dry™ is available in 6-pound bags.

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